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First 2022 Autumn Survey Results Launch

The launch of the 1st results of our Autumn Survey 2022 took place on Monday 5th December at the Simon Perry Building Trinity College Dublin. The event included a general overview from the data as well as noteworthy results. There was a special focus on biodiversity, tackling water quality issues and a seagrass update.

Download PDF • 6.83MB

Here you’ll find an outline a summary of the program with some presentations and videos.

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Highlight Findings so far

Session chaired by Michael Walsh.

Presentations delivered by Kevin Lynch, Karin Dubsky, Bernie Connolly and Carson Gibbons.

Download PDF • 6.72MB


by Éanna Ní Lamhna

To begin our workshop sessions, special guest Éanna Ní Lamhna gave a short speech to inaugurate the launch of the Autumn 2022 Survey Results. Éanna’s brief but rousing launch speech covered her involvement with the first Irish Coastal Surveys and Oiled Birds in the late 1970’s, her excitement for the future of Coastwatch and Citizen Science, and her support of the ban on SUP’s.

Biodiversity Session

1. Seagrass – video by Ed Shedon

2. Seagrass and Spartina encroachment – Presentation by Andrew Cox

Download PDF • 12.62MB

3. Seagrass and Aquaculture pressure in Lough Foyle – video Tom Hannigan

4. Honeycomb reef presentation by Mick Berry [watch recording]

  • Coastwatch Team member Mick Berry gives a brief overview of Honeycomb Reef, the Sabellaria alveolata, and our effect on their natural environment.

5. Avian Flu – introductory power point by chair Dr Michael Gunn

  • In response to the rise of avian influenza, a large portion of the launch was dedicated to the understanding and handling of the viral disease.

6. Coastwatch results Dead Birds found – Ailbhe Flynn [watch recording]

  • With Q and A session including input from Cathal Copeland (BirdWatch) and Lorraine Bull , Dublin city biodiversity officer.

Water Session

Introduction Dr Matt Crowe National Water Forum

Robert Wilkes began the water session with the EPA’s water quality report, covering 2016 – 2021. SFPA presentations focusing on legislation, classification, and stakeholders in Ireland’s LBM Policy by Gary McCoy

Download PDF • 7.40MB

as well as groundwork and sanitary surveys relating to shellfish by Peter McGroary were also given in the same block

Download PDF • 5.91MB

This was followed by an extended Q&A session in which Coastwatchers and Team Members had the opportunity to ask the SFPA members more pressing questions regarding the topics covered earlier in the day.

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